She let her curls fly free and saved the day.


About the Author


"The world needs a princess with hair that coils and curls toward the sky."


India Kelvonia has worked in education for all of her adult life. As a teacher, she noticed that her students often read about characters to whom they could not relate, so she was inspired to diversify their options.

India has always been a fan of princess stories and animated films, and she enjoyed sharing those stories with the young children in her life. She conceived the idea of Marisol after seeing her young God-daughter prance around in a long blonde wig, dressed as her favorite icy animated queen. At that moment, India decided that the world needs a princess with dark hair that coils and curls toward the sky.

 India has experienced an emotional journey with her own hair. From relaxers and braids pulling out her edges, to stressing over how to make her natural hair look “professional enough,” she has experienced it all.

Self-love is a journey, and for girls who have afro-textured hair, it can be even more difficult. Marisol empowers us all to love our hair just the way it is and to never dim our lights to make others feel comfortable.



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